Download a free disc

These turntable strobe (strobo) discs have been designed for optimum clarity and accuracy.
You may download them and print them free for personal non-commercial use. The 50Hz and 60Hz discs can be illuminated by mains lighting, but best results will obtained when illuminated by any KeyStrobe turntable strobe light. 300Hz high-resolution discs need a KeyStrobe-multi.
Discs are pre-scaled for printing on various paper sizes as noted. Avoid rescaling.: Choose the frequency and paper/disc size you want.
On most computers it is best to right-click on the disc and save the file before opening it.
If you find these useful, you may consider buying a more permanent and resilient disc from our products page.

The files are in pdf format that most computers can open and print accurately.

“50Hz” discs

“60Hz disks

300Hz disks