Keystrobe-au Gold Disc


At 100mm in diameter, our Gold disk is a beauty.

With markings for 33rpm, 45rpm and  78rpm, it covers all bases.

Etched with 50Hz gold fingers one side, 60Hz gold fingers on reverse.


Up until now a strobe disc has just been a strobe disc. Now there is one that you’ll want to own.

Produced by a special method developed by KeyStrobe for turntable speed calibration of the highest accuracy

At 100mm diameter, the disc can be placed on top of a record label for accurate speed calibration with stylus drag taken into account.

Sun coloured pure gold reflective markings against a matt black background give a warm yet clear turntable speed indication.

May be illuminated with AC mains lighting, but for best accuracy and functionality, use any current KeyStrobe strobe light.

It is not generally appreciated that some vinyl recordings were mastered at slightly different speeds in different parts of the world.

With markings on both sides, discs mastered in 50Hz or 60Hz areas can have their speed optimally set. (Requires KeyStrobe strobe light)

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 1.5 mm